This never before released content is the secret to Sam's success and the hidden backbone behind dozens of 7-figure companies...

Discover Why Entrepreneurs and Visionaries Are Calling This Groundbreaking 12-Week Program Ultimate Life Transformation Experience Designed To Propel You From Where You Are Now To Where You Want To Be In Your Personal and Professional Life

How to sort it out and Get Your F*cking Life Together Again.

I'm Not Gonna BS Ya. Life Is Hard.

But disappointing your mom...that's even worse.

"Sort your fu****g life out" That’s what my 63 year old mother whispered in my ear as I was leaving for the airport. A 37 year old alcoholic who’d just lost his supplement company and spent the last two weeks drunk.

That was the last time I drank, and it was the first time I looked for help. Now, seven years sober and my life thoroughly sorted out, I feel compelled to share the lessons I’ve learned that helped me to do it. I developed The Clinic to help others become accountable to themselves, and I developed “The Next 90 Days” to show people the things I do every day to hit my goals, and how they can use these tools to hit their goals too.

This 12-week intensive program, designed to operate in conjunction with The Clinic accountability group, is designed for individuals or partners committed to making significant changes in their personal and professional lives.

It's a comprehensive journey that challenges participants to define their ideal self, set clear goals, and carefully craft their desired business and lifestyle, providing a structured path to prioritize and achieve both.

Within the supportive environment of The Clinic, participants will find the resources and community necessary to turn their vision into reality. The Next 90 Days, really should be called "Sort Your Fu****g Life Out" in homage to my mother, who by saying that, genuinely provided me the trigger I needed to fight for sobriety and turn my life around. My course publisher says to stick with a PG title for branding purposes

When You Join, You'll Get A FREE 90 Day Subscription To The Clinic - A $97/Month Value FOR FREE!

The Clinic is the Space I've designed for you to get your mind right, so your life can follow suite.

This Course Will Take Your From This:

⛔Hit a ceiling and feel so stressed that it's causing a decline in performance.

⛔Dealing with overwhelm & stress in unhealthy ways - drinking or partying every night.

⛔Procrastinating on your biggest and boldest moves to grow, because you wake up with dread about the tasks you need to complete to make money.

⛔Watching time and opportunities slip by.

To This:

⚕️Get constant clarity on your smartest opportunities.

⚕️Provide structure and accountability so your stress dramatically reduces so you don't drink as much

⚕️Wake up with a clear head, so you can cut through mental clutter, getting clear on key priorities.

⚕️Focus on the big picture, finish your important work every week, hit goals faster than ever before.

What Other Industry Titans Are Saying About Sam...

"A keen individual, one of the hardest workers I have ever seen..."- Randy Holland

"We had a wonderful conversation about business strategies and moving forward in a positive direction...He is very knowledgeable and wants everyone to succeed." - Christina Baker

"Appreciate what [you] poured into me, business-wise with so much passion and sincerity and I won't forget it." - Al Green

"Knows how to dissect, account for everything and get results...that's what it's all about." - Wiley McArthur

I'm Going to Throw In $10,000 Worth Of My Best Life and Business Transformation Strategies, Included for FREE!

Life Mastery Masterclass Bundle:

We invest heavily to bring you the latest and most effective strategies for achieving success in all areas of your life.

Dive deep into a comprehensive curriculum designed to sort your life out, covering critical areas like mindset, health, finances, and business. This is where your journey to a balanced, fulfilled life begins.

Free Gift #1 ($3,000 Value) "Life Mastery Blueprint":

Unlock the exact blueprint used to transform lives, offering a step-by-step guide to achieving personal and professional greatness. This blueprint is adaptable to your unique goals, ensuring you have the tools to succeed.

Free Gift #2 ($4,000 Value) "Elite Performance Recordings":

Get VIP access to our most exclusive workshops, where attendees have paid thousands to learn the secrets of top performers. Now, you’re getting all these insights at no extra cost.

Free Gift #3 ($3,000 Value) "The Ultimate Productivity Pack":

Boost your efficiency and output with our productivity pack, tested and proven across various industries. This pack includes templates, tools, and strategies to skyrocket your productivity.

And So Much More…

Become the Engineer of Your Life

The Masterclass that Started it All...

You might be thinking to yourself..."This all sounds great, but what if I get it everything that I ever wanted out of this program and more, but I lose it all again, later down the road?" matter what life throws our way, it is often hard, even for the best of us to show up as our authentic selves, day in and day out.

I designed this PARTICULAR Live Training as a way to engineer not only your life, but each and every single day that allows you to wake up feeling like you already have it conquered. It may not be easy, but the steps are simple. I promise.

Simple things done well create a foundation of solid daily habits that make everything easier.,

You'll Gain Access To:

⚕️Exclusive insights from The Small Business Surgeon himself...

⚕️Mindset Mastery Techniques...

⚕️Health & Wellness Guides...

⚕️Financial Freedom Formulas...

⚕️Business Scaling Secrets...

⚕️A Community of Like-Minded Achievers...

⚕️Monthly Challenges to Keep You On Track!

⚕️Our Accountability App, complete with access to the community, this ensures you stay on track with your biggest goals.

Every Month You'll Get:

⚕️New Lessons From Top Industry Leaders!

⚕️Exclusive Masterclass Sessions...

⚕️Secrets To Maintaining Peak Performance...

⚕️Strategies For Building Wealth...

⚕️Techniques For Developing Unshakeable Confidence...

⚕️Weekly Group Calls to track your progress.

⚕️Daily Live Videos Sent to Your Phone.

⚕️Access to my private support network for growth opportunities.

The 3 Keys To Unlocking a Life of Health, Happiness and Unlimited Freedom:

#1. Embrace Your True Identity

To achieve the life you desire, you must first understand yourself on a deeper level. Imagining the version of yourself who navigates life without the constant feeling of struggling, facing every challenge with confidence. That's who you're striving to become. Living the way you want, having enough money to pay off your parent's house, or a the dream vacation every winter to somewhere warm doesn't just happen, you have to intentionally design it in your mind, first. (I know...this sounds crazy, right?) The Next 90 Days will guide you in building this ultimate version of yourself from within, aligning your values and priorities to cultivate happiness and success in all aspects of your life.

#2: Creating Your Own Time from Focus

Success isn't just about working harder—it's about working smarter. We were taught growing up to trade our time for money, but by gaining clarity and focus on your biggest objectives and life challenges, you can take control of your time and maximize your productivity. Learn how to design your perfect day, ensuring that every moment is spent effectively toward becoming a better parent, a better business owner, and a more resilient person, overall. With the strategies inside The Next 90 Days, you'll find yourself with more time than ever before to pursue your passions and dreams.

#3: Pursuing Your Passions

Let's be real—this journey won't always be easy. There will be obstacles, doubts, and moments of nagging frustration. But that's where true growth happens. Our program prepares you to face these challenges head-on, equipping you with the tools and mindset to persevere. With the support of our expert team, you'll tap into your inner reservoir of inspiration and determination, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Don't let another day pass you by. Take the first step towards unlocking your full potential and creating the life you've always dreamed of. Join our program today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Your ultimate version is waiting—are you ready to embrace it?

Learn These "Mindset To Freedom" Principles

Even with all the right information, if you don’t have the correct mental frameworks for your own happiness, you can forget about scaling a business, and you’re dead in the water.

To be clear - this isn’t some “woo-woo” bullsh*t. We’re talking about what Sam’s learned from spending hundreds of hours reflecting on his journey from overweight burnt out small business owner to healthy, happy, and fulfilled millionaire, surrounded by the people and the projects he loves the most.

Sam has been able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, have a healthy relationship with his significant other, travel around the world, and even land dream clients because he follows a simple set of mental frameworks for making personal and business decisions.

Join us as Sam takes you through his daily routines, his sleep schedule (and why he gets 9+ hours of sleep a night), the reason behind my “burner phone”, how I structure my business and personal relationships, what a “feedback loop” is and how I use hem to make decisions on autopilot, and so much more.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The life of your dreams is waiting for you behind the Next 90 Days...

So...Sam...What's the Catch?

The catch is simple: This program, much like life, takes discipline.

If You don't commit to yourself and tell yourself that today is the day that you're going to sort your life out, there is not a program on the planet that will get you to change.

Ghandi once said that you must be the change that you wish to see in the world. This is even more true of how your life works as well. If you want to make more money, you have to embody the things that you believe a multi-millionaire to do. If you want the girl, you have to be the person she deserves to live the happiest version of her life with.

You know, and I know, that deep down, you know what to do, this course is designed to help you build the discipline to do it.

There is actually a part of your brain that grows when you do hard things that you don't necessarily want to do, but you know you need to. (no, I didn't make that up, its called the The Anterior Singular Cortex. I call it the discipline muscle.)

What kind of Small Business Surgeon would I be, if the program didn't include a little brain surgery?

This program will exercise you ASC in a way that you never dreamed imaginable, resulting in lifelong change, allowing you to fully live in the moment, the ultimate freedom.

Why Time Is Of The Essence...

Just like the rest of your body, if the muscles don't get exercised, they don't grow, that part of your brain ACTUALLY shrinks if you don't do challenging work. This has recently been proven in recent medical neuroscience.

As the Small Business Surgeon, my work and my craft have allowed me to work with people from every walk of life imaginable, from the humblest of beginnings to folks with more money that you'd ever thought possible for 1 person to have.

I realized that the people who were successful in their business and their lives had a few traits in common:

1. They were always grateful for what they had.
2. They always had clear vision of who they were, and where they wanted their lives to go.

  1. 3. They broke down that vision into small, palatable bites to ensure success
    4. They knew the value of the feedback loop and how to leverage it in their lives.

    With "the Next 90 Days" I was able to take the essence of those 4 things, and boil them down into a simple to follow (notice how I said simple, not easy?) Action Plan that is Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalizing the details and getting your gifts ready to be sent! Click on the red button below right now, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I can't wait to get our new member welcome package into your hands! Remember, as a free gift, you'll receive a Small Business Surgeon Branded Hat, T-Shirt, and a Daily Planning Notebook.

Talk soon,


P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:

You're getting instant access to my full library of My Best Life and Business Transformation Strategies along with all Clinic Live Recordings for FREE, when you join me for The Next 90 Days, today!

You'll also get a FREE 30 Day subscription to the "Clinic" for FREE (Normally $97 per month) when you sign up right now! Did you want to add the Bonuses as well?

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love The Next 90 Days - you can cancel your membership and I'll even refund you the difference.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?!

Join me for The Clinic: The Next 90 Days!

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